Brrrr in September

September 18, 2011

Cooler than usual nights and a frost warning, had us scurrying squirrel-like about the farm last week, bringing in tons of crops and making room for them in the greenhouse and barns.

All of our winter squashes (delicata, kabocha, butternut and buttercup varieties) are out of the field and curing in the greenhouse or in the Ag Barn. Except for the delicata, our winter squashes will benefit from a period of curing (holding at room temperature for 10 to 20 days). Curing increases storage life and sweetens them up. Winter squashes, including pie pumpkins, will appear in the farm share later this month.

Fearing that frost would prematurely end our tomato and pepper harvests, we picked as many of these as we could. They will slowly mature in the safety and warmth of the old red barn and will be distributed in the shares this week. Our paste tomatoes, which were meant to be harvested at the end of this month, will be protected with row cover if the temperatures drop again.

Our cool-season crops are happy as pigs in mud. Our fall plantings of broccoli, collard greens, napa cabbage, arugula, leeks and spinach are practically singing with joy. We have some seriously beautiful veggies to harvest for the CSA this fall.

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