February at Moraine: Here We Go!!!

I’m back from a deliciously long vacation. And I’m really excited to be back — our second season at Moraine Farm is shaping up nicely. Most of our seeds have been ordered, two out of three members of our farm crew have been hired, the majority of our summer CSA shares are sold and we start seeding in the greenhouse next week!

CSA Shares – 75% of our summer shares have been purchased.  If you are one of our early subscribers, thank you! Your early purchase has made it possible to buy seeds, soil mix (potting soil), greenhouse and field supplies, small equipment and to pay for equipment repairs and maintenance. If you’ve not yet purchased your share, now’s the time to sign-up. Go to our on-line subscription form, sign-up and mail in your check.

Greenhouse Seeding begins Wednesday, February 29 and Thursday, March 1 at Apple Street Farm. In March we will again share a greenhouse at Apple Street Farm with Apple Street Farm Manager Liz Green. Sharing a greenhouse in saves big-time on energy costs, plus it’s fun to work with other farmers! We could sure use many hands to help seed our alliums. Please let me know if you plan to join the seeding party. Just a quick e-mail to GAnderson@ttor.org will do. I’ll send you directions to and parking information for Apple Street Farm.

Single-Item CSA shares  This year I’m hoping to offer a number of additional single-item shares.  These are pre-purchased shares of just one item like cheese, flowers, fruit, sweet corn, etc. Usually a single-item share is something that doesn’t appeal to the majority of shareholders and/or the farm isn’t able to produce it. I’m very excited about a Cheese Share that Liz Mulholland of Valley View Farm has agreed to offer. I’m working on a  Flower Share that I’ll grow at Moraine (any flower growers out there want to lend a hand???). A Fruit Share has been high on my list of priorities, but I’m having a heck of time finding a nearby orchard with which to work. I’ll provide more information about all the 2012 single-item shares in April.

Farm Apprentices I’ve hired two of three apprentices for the 2012 season. I’ll introduce you to them, along with our third apprentice, next month. I’m super eager for you to meet our crew! There are still several harvest work-for-share positions available (Mon, Wed, Fri 7-11AM), so if you’ve family or friends who might be interested, have them contact me.

That’s all the news I have for now. Hope to see some of you at the Greenhouse Seeding Parties next week!

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