Green Sprouting Taters

We’re growing a lot of spuds this season. Many of them are for the Moraine Farm extended-season share (our every-other-week CSA in November and December), but most of them are for other CSA farms.

The photo in the header above shows off our 2011 potato field. That’s intern Kim Wass on the cultivating tractor, keeping the spud field weed-free.

Our 1500 pounds of seed potatoes arrived last week. Bags of Pontiac Red, Chieftan, Keuka Gold, Satina and Banana varieties now reside in the apprentice house on the farm. They’ve spent the last week warming up. This week we’ll cut them into seed pieces and spread them out in trays that allow a bit of light to reach them (this is called green sprouting or chitting). If all goes as planned, we will begin planting them the last week in April.

Want to know more? Here’s a nice fact sheet about growing organic potatoes.

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One Response to Green Sprouting Taters

  1. Deborah Gardner Walker says:

    This is a great blog, Gretta. I am really looking forward to eating some of these potatoes!

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