Potatoes and Pea Tendrils

This Friday and Saturday mornings (April 20 and 21) we will be cutting our potatoes into small, 2 ounces seed pieces. If you’re free and you would like to join us, please do. On Friday we will start at 9:30 and work until 12:00. Saturday morning we’ll be at it again starting at 10:00 and working until noon.

If you’ve been looking for an opportunity for some easy farm work, this is it. It’s also a nice opportunity to get to know other CSA members and your farmers. Park in the lot at the Ag Barn and walk down to the bean house. Here’s a map of the farm. Please drive slowly when you’re on the farm.

We have an unexpected bumper crop of pea tendrils. We planted field peas last fall to protect the soil from erosion and to fix nitrogen for this season’s crops. The winter was so mild that our peas didn’t die as expected. We have an acre of tasty, tender pea tendrils! They’ll only be tasty and tender for a short time, so come by the farm (find me in the bean house) this Friday or Saturday at noon and I’ll show you the pick-your-own pea tendril field. Bring a bag (or several) – we have lots of pea tendrils!

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2 Responses to Potatoes and Pea Tendrils

  1. sue says:

    What do you do with pea tendrils?

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