June Farm News: Now We’re Farming!

Our Assistant Farm Manager, Rob Eckman, has been saying this more and more lately.  This time of year we start to do it all: Seed in the greenhouse, plant in the fields, weed everywhere, harvest and continue to build infrastructure for this new CSA farm. So far, there’s been a pleasant urgency to our work. By next week I predict it will turn into a frantic urgency as more weeds pop, seedlings begin to plead to be planted and our harvests get larger.

Leafy greens LOVE these cool temperatures – 49 degrees last night! Bib lettuce, mizuna and spinach in the CSA shares this week are beautiful. Cabbages, scallions, Portuguese kale, beet greens & beets and our peas seem pretty darn pleased with the cool weather, too.  Our tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini are none too happy, they like their weather warm. The jury is still out on how our cantelope and watermelon fared the heavy rains (2.5 inches at the farm this week) and the cold night.

Farm Crew
Wow! What an exceptional team of farmers we have this year. I hope you get to meet them, perhaps at a CSA distribution or on a volunteer morning. Steve and Matt will be CSA shopkeepers on Monday and Friday evenings (5:30-7:00) and Andy will be our Friday afternoon shopkeeper. Rob is always around. If you visit the farm in the evening to stroll the farm road, you’re likely to find him engaged in night farming, and possibly singing a song about it 🙂

Critter Report
We’ve a nice big deer fence going up around most of our fields. Yay!!! It will not be electric, just tall. The experts tell us the deer won’t be able to jump it. Yay!!!

We’ve been seeing turtles in the fields. I think they may be looking for places to lay eggs. The killdeer chicks are getting bigger, those that have avoided the fox anyway. Coyote and geese tracks are imprinted on many of the field beds. Striped cucumber beetles invaded the greenhouse. Flea beetles haven’t been much of a problem given the cool temperatures. Onion root maggot took out a good number of our onions, but we planted enough onions to share with them, so we’re in good shape. We’re waiting for the Colorado Potato Beetle to show up, along with the European Corn Borer. Last week we released wasps in the sweet corn.

It’s almost a zoo here!

This season we will be harvesting 200 shares every week – we have more than doubled the size of our CSA! Our first harvests included spinach, bib lettuce, mizuna, arugula, bok choy, radishes and salad turnips. Next week we hope to add beet greens and Portuguese kale to the share. Might be a few garlic scapes, too!

It’s a pleasure to grow veggies for you! Thanks so much for your enthusiasm and support!

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3 Responses to June Farm News: Now We’re Farming!

  1. Deborah says:

    Our first batch of veggies were so delicious. Made a zippy chicken stir fry with bok choy and radishes on Monday night. I added garlic, onion and carrots. I love spinach so much, I ate one bunch raw while cooking. Tuesday night I baked salmon over greens — spinach, arugula and mizuna. Added radishes for crunch. Green salad and hard boiled eggs for lunch. Can’t wait ’til next week. Fingers crossed for garlic scapes.

  2. Aimee says:

    If I’m not going to be eating all of my veggies right away, what is the best way to store them? Should I wash my greens right away, or right before I prepare them? I’d hate for any of all this bounty to go to waste!

    • morainefarmer says:

      Wash greens in cold water, then shake excess water off the leaves and roll them up loosely in a dish towel. Place the dish towel in a plastic bag. No need to seal the plastic bag, just close it up loosely. Store in the crisper drawer of your fridge. Here’s a blog post from Food Fascination that explains why this works.

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