Bean Oops

The dried beans we get from Charley Baer, former Moraine Farm farmer, are fresh dried beans: Grown on his new farm in Maine and harvested last fall, these dried beans don’t take long to cook. I cooked a pound of his yellow eye heirloom beans too long yesterday and found myself with some very soft beans.  What to do?

I made white bean dip with some of the beans! I used mint as well as a hodge-podge of other spices. You’ll find a pot of mint just outside the door to the CSA distribution. Please feel free to take a few sprigs. The rest of the beans went into a batch of Garlicky Bean Spread.

Baer’s Best Beans will be available for purchase all season in the CSA shop. Right now we have Black Turtle Beans and Yellow Eye. If there’s a dried bean variety you like, let me know. If Charley grows it, I bet we can get it for the shop.

Here are some links to stories about Charley and his beans:
A Gardener’s Hearty Jacob’s Cattle Tortilla Dinner
Spilling the Beans

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2 Responses to Bean Oops

  1. Nick Rees says:

    How long do you suggest cooking the beans ?

    • morainefarmer says:

      I usually soak them overnight, drain and rinse them. Then bring to a boil in lightly salted water, lower the temp and let them simmer. I don’t have a confident recommendation about how long they should simmer – an hour? an hour and half maybe. I just try to keep an eye on them.

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