FAQ: Milk, Cheese and Fruit Shares

Can I buy milk, cheese, fruit, eggs, meat, beans, etc. at the CSA shop? Shareholders can pre-purchase eight week shares of  Appleton Milk and Valley View Cheese. Fall fruit shares from Cider Hill Orchard and blueberries from Maine are in the works. Baer’s Best Beans are always available in the CSA shop. We also hope to have flowers available for sale in the shop beginning in July. Unfortunately, we’ve been unable to find a local source of organic, free-range eggs and Appleton Farm does not have beef available for us this season.

The eight-week Milk and Cheese Shares begin July 1. Details about these pre-paid shares and a link to an on-line subscription form was sent to shareholders in a recent email. Payment is due by Wednesday, June 27 and can be dropped offf with the CSA shop keeper or mailed to TTOR/Moraine Farm, 733 Cabot Street, Beverly, MA 01915

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3 Responses to FAQ: Milk, Cheese and Fruit Shares

  1. Michelle Shatford says:

    Hello, I must have missed the link to the prepaid shares of milk and cheese, could you please send it to me at shellyshat@comcast.net. Thank you!

  2. I looked in my email but can’t see the information about the milk, etc… Can you resend?

    • morainefarmer says:

      Hmmm, not sure what happened to the email, you’re both on the mailing list! Here’s the message:

      Hi everyone,
      This year we are offering a number of single-item shares to our members. Valley View Cheese and Appleton Milk shares will begin the first week in July. I’m still working on setting up Fruit shares and a Maine Blueberry share for later in the season. Like a CSA share, you will pay upfront for these single-item shares and you will pick up the share item weekly for a specified number of weeks. Here are the details.

      Valley View Cheese Sampler, July 2 – August 24 (8 weeks), on average you will receive ½ lb cheese/ week, $90.00
      Liz and Peter Mulholland run Valley View Farm in Topsfield, just 5 minutes down the road from Moraine. I heard a lot about their goats last year from apprentice Rebekah Zimmerer who milked goats there three days a week. Liz and Peter care well for their goats and produce outstanding cheeses. Included in this sampler are one week each of Harmony, New Meadow, Tomme and Washed Curd, two weeks of chevre (plain, coated and blended varieties) and feta. Read about these cheeses on the Valley View web site.

      Appleton Farms Milk, July 2 – August 24 (8 weeks), ½ gallon/week, $34.00 (includes a $2.00 refundable glass bottle deposit) Milk from the herd of Jersey cows at Appleton is pasteurized at Puleo’s Dairy in Salem. There are four types of milk to choose from: Cream line, which is not homogenized and will have a layer of cream at the top, whole, 1 percent, and skim. Read more about Appleton milk here.

      To reserve cheese or milk shares, please sign up using our Single-Item Share Form. Supplies are limited, so the shares are available on a first come, first serve basis. Please bring or mail your payment to the farm during the regular CSA distribution hours: Monday, Wednesday and Friday 2:00-7:00. Payment must be received by Wednesday June 27.If you’ve questions, please talk with me or with your CSA shop keeper. Thanks!


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