What’s that? Corn and Squash!

Entering the farm through the new entrance on Cabot Street, the first things you see are plantings of winter squash and sweet corn.

The winter squash was a ghostly white when it went into the ground because we covered it with kaolin, a fine clay powder that “hides” the squash from cuke beetles. The varieties planted in this field include Sweet Mama, Sunshine and Butterboy.

We’ve two small plantings of sweet corn. We timed our first planting just right – it was knee high by the 4th of July! Ready for harvest early August if not sooner, organically grown sweet corn is a challenge to grow pest-free. You may spot little white packets of Trichogramma wasp eggs in the corn. Apprentice Matt Hammer began deploying these beneficial wasp eggs to the corn three weeks ago. This is a wasp that parasitizes eggs of the European Corn Borer (ECB) and Corn Ear Worm (CEW). We may also use a Zea-Later to apply a mix of Bt and oil to the corn silks for added protection against CEW.

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2 Responses to What’s that? Corn and Squash!

  1. Charles Anderson says:


    • morainefarmer says:

      Hi Chas! Send my niece and nephew out to visit – we’re having a great time here. I’m sure they’d love to harvest wheat. Better yet, dig potatoes – we’ll be starting in a few weeks! G

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