What’s that? Potatoes!

As you drive into the farm on the new entrance road, the second field you see contains our potato crop. Planted on both sides of road, the potatoes are flowering beautifully. We are growing 14,000 pounds of spuds this season. Ten thousand pounds are for other CSA farms (Medway Community Farm, Lands’ Sake and Newton Community Farm). The rest of the taters are for Moraine Farm summer and extended-season CSA shares, and possible winter shares (January-April) if all goes well.

The tater crop was planted on May 3 and May 4. We expect harvest to begin in August. The potato varieties we are growing include Chieftan, Pontiac Red, Satina, Banana and Red Thumb fingerlings, Keuka Gold, Red Gold and Red Maria. Thanks to our sister TTOR farms, Appleton and Powisett who shared some of their potato seed pieces with us, we’re trying a few new-to-us varieties including German Butterball, Purple Viking and Kennebec. Here’s a link to a catalog of information about potato varieties – use the A-Z Quick Link to search for specific varieties.

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