Apples, Milk, Cheese, Maple Syrup, Flowers!

Apple Shares from Cider Hill Farm in Amesbury will begin the week of August 27! The second round of Appleton Milk Shares and Valley View Cheese Shares also begin the week of August 27. Moraine Farm shareholders can sign up for Apple, Milk and Cheese shares here. Leave payment with your shop keeper when you pick up your CSA share or mail payment to the farm. Deadline for sign-up and payment is Wednesday, August 15.

Cider Hill Farm Apple Shares, August 27 – October 19, five pounds of apples per week, $90.00. Glenn Cook, Cider Hill’s farmer, grows a nice variety of exceptionally tasty apples including mutsu, carousal, melrouge, braeburn, baldwin, empire, macintosh, macoun, idared, cortland, northern spy, staybrite, rome, red delicious and more. Visit the Cider Hill Farm website to learn about their growing methods (IPM), their award winning unpastuerized apple cider, thier commitment to sustainable energy- wind turbines and photovoltaic arrays on the farm! These are not organically-grown apples; Glenn explains why here.

Valley View Cheese Sampler, August 27 – October 19, on average you will receive ½ lb cheese/ week, $90.00. Liz and Peter Mulholland run Valley View Farm in Topsfield, just 5 minutes down the road from Moraine. I heard a lot about their goats from 2011 farm apprentice Rebekah Zimmerer who milked goats there three days a week. Liz and Peter care well for their goats and produce outstanding cheeses. Included in this sampler are one week each of Harmony, New Meadow, Tomme and Washed Curd, two weeks of chevre (plain, coated and blended varieties) and feta. Read about these cheeses on the Valley View web site.

Appleton Farms Milk, August 27 – October 19, ½ gallon/week, $34.00 (includes a $2.00 refundable glass bottle deposit). Milk from the herd of Jersey cows at Appleton is pasteurized at Puleo’s Dairy in Salem. There are four types of milk to choose from: Cream line (which is not homogenized and will have a layer of cream at the top), whole, 1 percent, and skim. Read more about Appleton milk here.

Flowers grown on the farm and maple syrup, along with Baer’s Best Beans, will be available for purchase in the CSA shop during share distributions starting this week. The sugar maples at Moraine were tapped this spring, and along with sap from Valley View Farm was boiled down to produce the maple syrup you will find in the farm shop.

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