I’ve found a source for fresh wild Maine blueberries. I’ll be able to buy in blueberries over the next few weeks and will do so if you are interested in them. Just let the shop keeper know if you’d like berries next CSA pick up and I’ll do my best to order enough for everyone who wants some. The fresh blueberries are $5.00/pint.

Normally I don’t like to buy-in items unless they have been pre-purchased (e.g., our milk, cheese and apple shares). Reasons for this are obvious: the farm could lose money if the items aren’t sold. But, I have a soft spot for blueberries, and thought you might also.

Our blueberries come from Blue Sky Produce.  Blue Sky Produce is a small co-op that consists of eight growers in Downeast Maine and Lynn Thurston, the person who markets and distributes the blueberries. Blue Sky started out delivering to farm stands and several retail stores in Maine. A couple of years ago, they decided to expand into Massachusetts. Although it’s more work, selling fresh berries this way, it gives the growers a better return than selling them to the large processors. It helps them make enough profit so they can continue to farm and make farming an option for future generations. You can visit their website., and read about Lynn and the profiles of the growers.

Let your shop keeper know if you want blueberries!


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