Deer Drama

fawns just a little younger and smaller than those in our fields

Tonight, around 7:00, two fawns slipped into our fields, under the permanent fence by the culvert where the fence doesn’t reach all the way to the ground. Mama deer, standing on the farm road, watched them through the fence as they ran into the winter squash, up through the broccoli and headed toward the fence line along the hill. Mama deer was too big to slip through the fence to go after them, but it was clear that she wanted to.

I don’t know any farmer who is a deer lover. Having lost a number of crops to hungry deer, I am certainly not. But gosh, those two fawns were awfully cute. And their mama was …. well, she just looked forlorn as she watched them through the fence. And I was pretty sure that, separated from their mother, the fawns wouldn’t last long.

I called a few folks who live near the farm until I found two (Rachel and Josh, our recipe mavens) who agreed to come and help me herd the deer out of our fields. I don’t think deer allow themselves to be herded, but I couldn’t think of any other options.

Well, I did think of one other option. I opened up the gates in the permanent fence, hoping the fawns would run out. Instead, mama dear came in. Three deer inside the permanent fence. Great. Josh and Rachel arrived. They walked toward the deer family from one direction, while I opened a gate opposite them. We hoped the deer would run through the open gate. Unfortunately the deer were terrified and tried to run through the wire fence. Ouch. They finally found an opening and escaped into the woods.

I’m glad they got away. I bet they won’t be back any time soon. Tomorrow we’ll fix that hole near the culvert and block the one unfinished section of fence so we don’t get more deer visitors.

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2 Responses to Deer Drama

  1. clairesmum says:

    Thanks for telling us the story. Seems like a fair ending and hopefully no other large critters will find that opening tonight. Farming is a hard job more than I had considered. I’m learning a lot this summer, having a CSA share for the first time.

  2. Dave says:

    Compassion for ones enemy…very Buddhist and very touching. Thank you.

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