Recipes for late summer, early fall

Thanks to all of you who have completed the mid-season CSA survey. We’ve received a lot of excellent feedback, including requests for more recipes. I’ve thumbed through my recipe box and pulled out these late summer, early fall recipes.

Ratatouille makes regular appearances in my home starting mid-August. Ratatouille freezes well.

The fact that there are many recipes for Ribollita may relect the origins of this hearty soup. I learned about Ribollita from a shareholder in 2006 and can’t imagine a fall or winter without it. Here is a nice recipe for it – Food52 Ribolitta. Don’t let yourself be tied down to following it exactly! For example, Baer’s Best Beans, especially the heirloom Yellow Eye, works well in place of the white beans. Just about any cooking green can be substituted for the tuscano kale (red Russian or curly green kale, Swiss chard, collard greens, cabbage.)

Green Tomato (or Tomatillo) Salsa I like this rolled up in a tortilla with black beans (yep, Baer’s Best) and sharp cheddar cheese.

And remember to freeze some peppers for this winter! There is nothing easier than freezing peppers. Wash them, take the seeds out, cut them up into any size pieces you want and place in a freezer bag. That’s it. Great for cooking!

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