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The change of season brings with it some new vegetables: Red bok choy, edamame, leeks, broccoli to name a few. Thought this a good time to remind you of a few on-line recipe resources. Links to most of these sites are in the right side bar of the farm blog.

Epicurious  This is an easy-to-use site and I have found reader comments on the recipes to be helpful. This week, on the “What’s in the Share” blog page, I have offered two recipes from epicurious Roasted Beet Soup with Creme Fraiche and Black Bean and Bell Pepper Salad.

EatingWell A fairlly easy-to-use site; you’ve got to scroll down past the advertisements to get to the good stuff.  This week I’ve pointed you to twelve bok choy recipes, all on the eatingwell site. I have plans to make at least two of them!

Food52  Although I find this site to be way too busy for me, when I have time to leisurely puruse recipes I like to explore Food52 and occassionally I will find a real winner of a recipe. For example, this One Pot Kale and Quinoa Pilaf.

Mariquita Farm Recipes pages never fail. Julia, the farmer’s wife, has spent years putting together a fabulous selection of CSA veggie recipes. If you think you don’t like beets or you’ve misplaced your Beet Chocolate Cake recipe, I bet you will find what you need on the Mariquita Beet Recipe page. This is the site I always go to first when I am looking for recipes for unusual or underappreciated CSA vegetables.

There are many other on-line recipe resources. Just typing in the vegetables you want to cook up along with the word “recipe” will supply you with ample reading material! I found the link to the Edamame recipe this way, and in the process found a promising new recipe resource – wikihow recipes.

Happy cooking!


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