Fall Recipes for Escarole

It took me a few years and some good recipes before I fell in love with veggies in the chicory family (escarole, radicchio).  Initially they were a bit too bitter for my taste. The right recipes changed that, and now, I can’t imagine fall without escarole soup and roasted radicchio sprinkled with blue cheese.

This week you will find escarole in your CSA share. If escarole is a new-to-you veggie, I hope you will give it a try over the next few weeks. The right recipe can make the difference – here are a few of my favorites.

Escarole Soup

White Bean and Escarole Soup

Warm Escarole Salad

Looking for more escarole ideas? Try any of the escarole recipes on Mariquita Farm’s Escarole Recipe pages. The Escarole Frittata recipe looks terrific.

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