Last Regular-Season CSA Share this Week!

Wow – we’ve reached the end of the regular season CSA. Seems like just yesterday we were slowly harvesting the first tender spring greens with our spring-chilled fingers. We’ve just about come full-circle: Early mornings find us slowly harvesting whatever veggy doesn’t have frost on it, fingers again chilled from cool temps and cold crops.

This season’s dramatic weather fluctuations made veggie farming a bit challenging, with more crop damage and loss than I’ve ever before experienced. Lettuce hasn’t thrived because of the almost constant soil moisture and high humidity; melons succumbed to high winds and hard rain days after they were transplanted; an entire variety of potatoes was devastated by too much rain at the wrong time in their growth cycle; green bean harvest was delayed because of lack of rain.

And we’ve so much to celebrate and so much to be grateful for.

This season’s crew of dedicated farm apprentices – Rob, Matt and Steve – carried out the majority of the physical work of growing your vegetables this season. They freely shared the skills and talents they brought with them to Moraine Farm. They also learned and mastered new skills, expanding their own capacity to farm, and building the capacity of Moraine Farm to produce top-quality, nutritious food. Please join me in thanking Rob, Matt and Steve for the great job they’ve done (and will continue to do for a few more weeks).

This season’s crop of shareholders — whoa! You guys are terrific! Many of you have been lavish with your praise and appreciation, gently honest with your suggestions for improvement and willing to lend a hand in the potato and squash fields, greenhouse, wash house, office, and at the Open House. Thank you! You’ve brought us snacks and treats, donated funds for our Food Access work, shared your lovely pics of the farm and veggies with us, brought your grandchildren, children, friends and neighbors to the farm, donated your old tools and buckets and carpentry talents. So many of you have simply given your farmers a friendly wave. Thank you for being far more than customers — thank you for being parteners in this farming adventure!

If you’ve not yet figured out who is going to feed you this November and December, there are still a few Extended-Season CSA shares left. Sign up here. Regular-season CSA shares will be on sale to current shareholders starting this week; watch for more information via e-mail and in the CSA shop this week.

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4 Responses to Last Regular-Season CSA Share this Week!

  1. Suzanne Wright says:

    Dear Farmer Gretta, Thank you for a great season. I signed up for the extended season. Do you have a calendar for that yet?

    Thank you! Suzanne Wright

    • morainefarmer says:

      Suzanne – the extended season share starts on Friday, Nov 2. Distributions are every other Friday through mid-Dec. Pick up times are 1:00-6:00 PM, but we can distribute until 7 if you can’t get to the farm by 6 – just let me know. Gretta

  2. Devin Jones says:

    How can I find more information about joining the share? I recently started working full time at Project Adventure, and I would love to get my 2013 veggies right where I work. I noticed in your recent post that shares would be available to current shareholders starting this week. When will they be available to others?


    • morainefarmer says:

      Welcome to PA and to the Moraine Farm campus, Devin! 2013 shares will go on sale to the public Dec 1. I’ll post info about next season’s share, and a sign up form, on the blog by then. Gretta

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