Forgotten Veggies

I suppose that by now, we all have some veggies lurking in the back of our fridges, or in the dark recesses of our pantry. Little guys (or in the case of storage number 4, big guys) that haven’t found their way into a cooking pot, casserole dish, or skillet. My forgotten stash of veggies usually includes sweet potatoes. This weekend I pulled out two recipes that I haven’t used for awhile and started to make a dent in my pile of almost forgotten sweet potatoes.

Sweet potato latkes – these are delicious, filling and probably pretty good for you if you go light on the oil. I didn’t have scallions on hand, so used a small leek. It was great.

Sweet potato soup – Calls for “Kitchen Bouquet” – I don’t know what that is, so I just skipped it. Good soup.

What veggies do you have lurking about your kitchen? And what are you going to do with them?

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