December Veggies

Well, we’ve just about done it – harvested, stored and distributed our vegetables into the middle of December! This has been no small feat; the challenges of “winter growing” are quite different than those of the regular season. I’ve enjoyed the challenges immensely and continue to be excited about creating a year-round CSA at Moraine. Once my fingers have warmed up and I’ve recovered from the deep chill that’s got into my bones, I hope to blog about Moraine Farm’s first ever extended-season share. Stay tuned.

Please remember to come and get your last extended-season share today!

Today’s share includes:
Parsnips – looking a something new to do with parsnips? Try this Sautéed Parsnip and Carrot recipe
Sweet potatoes — Apprentice Steve Pecci sent me this Roasted Sweet Potato recipe yesterday. Looks really good.
Winter radishes
Shallots — Caramelized Shallots are a spectacular treat.
Storage onions
Spinach (Yahoo!!)

Available in the Farm Store
Shallots, $3/pound – These are one of my favorite holiday gifts- both to give and to receive.
Cipolinni onions, $3/pound
Red onions, $2/pound
Soldier Beans, $4/pound, Baer’s Best!
Valley View Maple Syrup, $25/quart. From trees at Moraine and Valley View farms
2013 Moraine Farm CSA shares

See you at the farm!

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