Cross-eyed, but done with part 1!

I just placed the final seed order for the coming growing season. This involved weeks of cozying up to spreadsheets and seed catalogs, reviewing what grew well and what didn’t last year, what our shareholders liked and what they didn’t, what we can live without (tons of radicchio!) and what we can’t (everything else). Then back to the spreadsheets to make a plan, calculate row feet, figure out how many seeds are needed of each variety and finally,  to see if there’s enough land to grow everything (barely!).  If you’re just curious about the details of what we’re hoping to grow this season, here’s part 1 of our 2013 Crop Production Plan. Study it too long and I promise, your eyes will cross. Mine have.

“Part 1” suggests that there’s much more planning ahead. Still to come: Schedules for when seeds will be seeded in the greenhouse,  plants put in the ground and importantly, and a plan for where everything goes.  Fortunately, the rest of the planning is pretty straightforward. For the curious, and you future farmers out there, I’ll try to post our planting schedules and crop rotation plans when they are done.

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