Extras! Extras! Fruit, Cheese and Yogurt Shares!

I’ve been busy meeting with farmers and producers to create a line-up of locally produced items for your eating pleasure this year! Moraine Farm CSA is a community committed to supporting local agriculture and local producers: We want to know where our food comes from and we want as much of it to be locally and sustainably produced as possible. I think you will be pleased with the Extras line-up this season.

This year, Moraine Farm CSA has partnered with area farmers to offer you local Fruit, Cheese and Yogurt Shares. Just like your veggie farm share, you will sign up and pre-pay for these single-item CSA shares. The shares will be ready for pick up when you come to the farm to get your veggie share.

We are also offering one-time distributions of some special items: Just Add Fruit pie crusts made locally with locally-sourced ingredients, Blue Sky wild blueberries from Maine and Maitland Mountain pickles produced in Salem.  Local honey, dried beans, flowers and a few other local goodies as we find them, will be available in the Farm Shop.

Here are details about each single-item share as well as the other local extras that need to be pre-ordered. Shareholders  will receive an e-mail with an order form early next week. Order deadline is May 25.

Valley View Farm Cheese Sampler Share, $100 for 10 weeks of cheese
Goat cheese from our neighboring farmers, Liz and Peter Mulholland in Topsfield. This sampler includes chevre, feta, aged tomme and Camembert styles of cheese. Each distribution contains about one-half pound of cheese. Absolutely the best goat cheese you will ever taste! Two 10 weeks shares are offered: June 3 through August 9 (10 weeks) and August 12 through October 18 (10 weeks)

Cider Hill Farm Fruit Share, $75 for 10 weeks of fruit
Fruit from farmer Glenn Cook in Amesbury. This fruit share contains three pounds of fruit each week. Farmer Glenn will send us his best fruit – plums, nectarines, peaches early in August, and apples in September and October. One 10 week share is offered: August 5 through October 11

Appleton Farms Plain Yogurt, $50 for 10 weeks
Appleton Farms yogurt starts with fresh milk from a pasture-raised and -grazed herd of Jersey cows. A mix of yogurt cultures is added and that’s it – no additives, stabilizers or sugars. One quart of plain yogurt each week, for 10 weeks. Yum! Two 10 week shares are offered:  June 3 through August 9 (10 weeks) and August 12 through October 18 (10 weeks)

Just Add Fruit [and Vegetables!]  Pie Crust, $9 for one crust
These  pie crusts are made from all-local and all-natural ingredients – simply flour, butter, and honey. Just Add Fruit supports Massachusetts and New England farms by using their local products to mix our crusts and by encouraging people to use local fruits and vegetables to fill them. Just Add Fruit pie crusts are great for sweet fruit pies and tarts, as well as savory pot pies and quiches. One crust will cover the bottom of a 9 inch pie plate. Available the week of June 17. If there’s interest, we will offer this item again in August and September.

Maitland Pickles, $9 for one quart
Andy and Holly, Maitland Mountain farmers, make Holly’s Spicy Pickles in Salem. These pickles are preservative-free, spicy dill pickles. The ingredient list include cucumbers (of course!), garlic, jalapeño pepper, cider vinegar, coriander, all-spice and cinnamon. Available the week of June 17. If there’s interest we will offer this again.

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