Yummy Weeds!?

We are surrounded by a wealth of yummy, nutritious and/or medicinal wild plants, otherwise known as weeds. They grow everywhere and are mostly ignored, no longer valued for their nutrients and medicine, or simply overlooked. Some of these marvelous plants are native to this country or this hemisphere; many came with European settlers and other immigrants and became garden escapees and then disappeared from popular consciousness.

An Edible and Medicinal Weed Walk will be held at Moraine Farm on Monday, May 27, from 2:00 – 3:30. Iris Weaver, a local herbalist, will introduce us to these wonderful plants that provide such bounty just for the picking. Iris will focus on the plants that grow in New England, that are often literally in our backyards. These are usually the plants that have the most to offer us here in this part of the world, and they are the plants that we can most easily access and use. Some of the “weeds” that we will see and discuss include, dandelion, burdock, chickweed, queen Anne’s lace, milkweed, evening primrose, purslane and goldenrod.

This farm walk is a fundraiser for Moraine Farm’s Food Access Work.  The cost of this guided tour is $20 for adults and $10 for young people under 18. Fees will be collected before the walk begins. Visit Edible & Medicinal Weeds to register. Confirmation and directions will be e-mailed a few days before the event.

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