Got Veg? We do!

Geese aren’t the only critters who’ve been busy at Moraine this spring. Your farmers have been planting, planting, planting! And the crops have been growing! Strawberries (that’s Astrid tucking in the s’berries below), sweet corn (3 looong beds in the middle pic), tomatoes, carrots, more carrots, even more carrots, arugula, lettuce, beans, celery root, beets, parsley and more! Sugar snap peas are doing well and need trellising, and you can see the fava beans (third pic below) looking healthy.

3713s_Transplanting Strawberries3715s_Corn 0517133714s_Fava Beans 051713

3704s_Megan bringing in spring harvest3708s_Liz ready to wash spring harvest


3724s_Apprentices pick up 1st share_Megan 3723s_Apprentices pick up 1st share_Ben 3721s_Apprentices pick up 1st share_Astrid
Our first ever Spring CSA began last week. Above are pictures of Megan and Liz bringing in the first harvest of 2013 and our apprentices, Megan, Ben and Astrid picking up their first share.

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