Goldfinch Flirtation

3783s_American Goldfinch
Wednesday the goldfinches were chasing each other all up and down the fences. They are quick little things. Thanks to staff volunteer, Paula V, for catching them with her camera and sending us this link to the Massachusetts Audubon Society’s info about the American Goldfinch.

From MA Audubon:  The breeding schedule of the American Goldfinch is very different from that of most of our other birds. Nesting activities occur in late summer, from July into September, when an abundant supply of favorite seeds has ripened. However, several interesting features of their behavior occur in spring as well.  From March to May, the male goldfinch attains his bright yellow plumage and begins singing, often in company with other males. These periods of song are interspersed with chases between males and between males and females. The song is a long series of canary-like chirps and trills. Some believe that this is indeed courtship behavior and that the pair bond is formed at this time, even though breeding does not usually take place for a month or more.

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