Sunny Side

It’s not all rain and wetness, disease and weeds at Moraine. On the very bright side of all this weather:

Beautiful veggies  Some of our veggies have loved the cool spring and monsoons. Arugula, salad turnips, radishes, broccoli rabe, baby bok choy, cilantro, cabbages, green garlic, garlic scapes and kale have been lovely. Soon we will see Swiss chard, scallions, frilly panisse lettuce, beets, carrots, sugar snap peas, summer squash, fava beans, dill, parsley and basil in the shares. I’m predicting cherry tomatoes by the middle of July. Our watermelon and canteloupe, main crop of heirloom tomatoes, cucumbers were all planted after the rain stopped and we can expect some very tasty and plentiful harvests.

New farmers  Our apprentices have grown! They have new skills – tractor cultivation, bed preparation, transplanting and direct seeding and the nuances of these essential farming skills. They’ve learned how to use their bodies to work fast, efficiently and without harm to themselves – no small accomplishment given the physical demands of farming. They are quick learners, smart, curious, thoughtful and fun.

Thanks to our farm crew and volunteer staff we hope to be on top of planting and weeding by the end of the week!

Partnerships with public schools and Beverly Bootstraps We continue to work with the Beverly and Salem public schools, selling them produce when we have it available. Both have been patient and supportive while we weather (pun intended) the recent growing challenges. We continue to donate produce to Beverly Bootstraps, and will begin diverting produce to Cape Ann Food Pantry when crop yields allow. In case you wonder, our CSA shareholders and Bootstraps partners always get ‘first dibs’ on our veggies. Both have pre-paid veggies: CSA shareholders buy shares prior to the start of the season. Donations from the farm’s fundraisers and appeal serve to ‘buy’ produce for Bootstraps.

Progress on farm infrastructure is being made!  An important piece of our infrastructure will be usable in the next week — our walk-in cooler should be up and running soon. Deer fencing t-stake supports are almost complete. Our irrigation and fencing supplies are well organized, thanks to the rain and apprentice Megan O. More ‘farm building’ still to be done, but we are definitely moving forward.

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