Dry for a minute ….

4225s_Happy farmersHappy farmers: Liz driving, Astrid, Ben and Stephanie in the back of the farm truck.

It stopped raining and dried out enough last so that we were able to get into the fields and do what farmers like to do: plant, kill weeds and harvest. Last weekend presented the first perfect cultivating weather in a few weeks and I happily  spent Saturday and Sunday on a tractor, zipping up and down beds of watermelon, canteloupe, sweet potato, winter squash, sweet corn, eggplant cultivating like a mad woman, uprooting every weed I could find. Such a relief to do something other than wait for the mud to turn back into our silky sandy soil!

I don’t want to talk about the inch of rain we got yesterday afternoon, and I’d certainly like to forget the tornado warning, booms of thunder and being soaked to the skin (twice) yesterday. Sheesh, this weather ….

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