Coming up for air

4345s_ChardOur sandy fields have had enough periods of dryness that we’ve just about caught up on the weed removal and, in the case of the Swiss chard (photo at left), crop renovation. This now beautiful planting of chard was heavily invested with leaf miner in June. We removed all the leafs, carted them out of the field and left the chard to rebound.

The real milestone in the farm’s recovery from the June monsoons happened yesterday in our acre of winter squash. We finished hand weeding it, all of it, on hands and knees!

To my farmer’s eye, an acre doesn’t usually look like much land. It’s a bit smaller than a football field at 43560 square feet. An hour of blind cultivation once a week and the squash is happy, farmers are happy and our shareholders will soon be happy. Good blind cultivation requires excellent timing: Crop and weeds at just the right stage of growth, dry soil, farmer and equipment ready to go.  Absent the dry soil, we were left with an acre of squash with plenty of in-row weeds that required hand pulling. Approached on hands and knees, an acre is actually a lot of land!

4376s_Snap PeasOn the bright side, the extreme weather has kept the cool-weather loving sugar snap peas, shelling peas and fava beans productive into July. The recent very warm temperatures guarantee that this will be the last week for these spring crops, so enjoy them while you can!

Moraine farmers and farm are no longer under water, and boy, are we happy about that! Thanks for hanging in there with us. We are looking forward to mud-less harvests and many timely tractor cultivations the rest of the season! Oh, and strawberries, which look to be ready in the next week or so. 4390s_Strawberries

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