Local Extras

Moraine Farm CSA shareholders may order the following locally-grown and produced single-item shares. Order and payment deadline is Friday, July 27.

Cider Hill Fruit Shares, the best of what farmer Glenn Cook has available from his orchard of plum, peach, pear, nectarine and apple trees for 10 weeks. Three pounds of fruit per week. Fruit Share cost is $75.00. The majority of fruit in the share will consist of apples. Glenn Cook, Cider Hill’s farmer, grows a nice variety of exceptionally tasty apples including mutsu, carousal, melrouge, braeburn, baldwin, empire, macintosh, macoun, idared, cortland, northern spy, staybrite, rome, red delicious and more. Visit the Cider Hill Farm website to learn about their growing methods (IPM), their award winning unpastuerized apple cider, their commitment to sustainable energy- wind turbines and photovoltaic arrays on the farm! These are not organically-grown apples; Glenn explains why here.

Valley View Farm Cheese Sampler Shares,  the best goat cheeses you’ll ever taste! 10 weeks of chevre, feta, camembert, tomme cheese types of goat cheese. Cheese share cost is $100. Liz and Peter Mulholland run Valley View Farm in Topsfield, just 5 minutes down the road from Moraine. I heard a lot about their goats from 2011 farm apprentice Rebekah Zimmerer who milked goats there three days a week. Liz and Peter care well for their goats and produce outstanding cheeses. Read about these cheeses on the Valley View web site.

Appleton Farms Yogurt Shares, made from Jersey cow milk at Appleton Farm – a real treat! $50 for 10 weekly distributions of one quart plain yogurt.

Blue Sky Growers Wild Maine Blueberries in bulk, 5 pound boxes. Blue Sky Produce is a small co-op that consists of eight growers in Downeast Maine and Lynn Thurston, the person who markets and distributes the blueberries. Blue Sky started out delivering to farm stands and several retail stores in Maine. A couple of years ago, they decided to expand into Massachusetts. Although it’s more work, selling fresh berries this way, it gives the growers a better return than selling them to the large processors. It helps them make enough profit so they can continue to farm and make farming an option for future generations. You can visit their website. www.blueskyproduce.net, and read about Lynn and the profiles of the growers.

We will have wild Maine blueberries available for 3-4 weeks beginning the first or second week in August. Fresh blueberries will be available in the Farm Shop for $6/pint. We are not taking pre-payment for these pints of blueberries. We are taking orders for bulk wild blueberries: A five pound box of fresh berries (about 6.5 pints) to use fresh of freeze costs $32.00.

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