Sweet Corn

Second planting of sweet corn is in and, oh my, it looks delicious! No bugs, the birds hadn’t found it on Sunday when I looked at it. Unusually beautiful for organically-grown sweet corn. So, we’ve decided to harvest it all this week  — 1/3 of the crop for each CSA distribution. Fingers crossed that the birds, racoons and other critters keep their distance until the end of the week!

Also in the share this week: lettuce, eggplant, zucchini, summer squash, cucumbers, carrots, beets, herbs (dill, cilantro, basil). PYO cherry tomatoes, PYO lemon or thai basil. New this week – bell peppers and celery.

Ratatouille with cherry tomatoes? 

I’ve been making tzatziki with the Appleton Farms yogurt (in the farm store fridge), cukes and dill. A leaf or two of finely chopped mint is a very nice addition. You’ll find pick-your-own mint in the pot next to the CSA barn door – help yourself to a few leaves.

What are you cooking up with your CSA share?

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