We Aim To Please

So let us hear from you — what’s good and what needs improving in your Moraine Farm CSA experience? It is Week 12 of our 2013 CSA. Time for you, our shareholders, to give us some mid-season feedback. Just takes five minutes to complete the Moraine Farm CSA Mid-Season Survey.

We would really like to get an ear-full from you! So far, we’ve heard that folks really like the expanded CSA Farm Store, the option to buy single-item shares of eggs, cheese, yogurt, fruit, wild blueberries. Our shopkeepers are receiving HIGH MARKS for being friendly, helpful and silly (yep, Eddy wins that prize:-).

Somewhat surprisingly, our shareholders are not all fans of the pick your own experience, although everyone seems to enjoy eating the PYO veggies. Difficulty walking, not enough time, coming from work and being dressed in work clothes, the challenge of managing children in the PYO, are some of the reasons we’ve heard. No, we will not being doing away with the PYO! But the more information we get from you, the better able we will be to modify PYO, as well as other parts of the CSA to make your Moraine Farm experience as good as it can be.

We really do aim to please. We take our CSA partnership with you quite seriously. We know you have entered into a rather unconventional relationship with this farm by pre-purchasing a share of the harvest, entering into a relationship with the land and the farmers, trusting that we farmers will do our best by you. We are sincere in our appreciation, and eager to hear from you.


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