Pole Bean Whisperers Needed

Pole beans will be open for Pick-Your-Own field next week. The beans are at the bottom of the plants. You will find scarlet-flowered, purple-speckled rattlesnake beans, green fortex beans and Kentucky wonder beans. There’s something you should know about these beans …….

5436_pyo fortex bean tendrilsMany of our pole beans have chosen to grow horizontally, across the ground, rather than up the nice trellis we installed for them. Tendrils reach out across tire tracks to grasp other pole bean tendrils in the next bed. To harvest these beans, we may need to put our farm wings on and hover over the plants because there is no clear place to walk!

We have spent considerable time coaxing them up the trellis. It could be a season-long battle. If you have interest in or talent for training pole beans to climb up, feel free to twine the tendrils around the trellis while you are  picking beans.

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