A few recipes to go with your veggies

We will have locally-grown dried beans (Baer’s Best), Tomten honey and some Valley View chevre available at the CSA pick up.  If you find that there are not enough veggies in the share for you (hard to imagine as this is a large share) we will have additional veggies available for purchase (butternut squash, green and red cabbages, daikon radish, sweet peppers). Just ask your shopkeeper.

We thought you might appreciate a few recipes to go with some of the veggies in your share.

A Guide to Loving Winter Greens Recipes for mustard greens, Swiss chard, Tuscano kale, escarole
Couscous with Winter Vegetable and Beans  Uses winter squash, leeks, carrots, cooking greens, parsley, white beans
Ribolitta Uses Tuscano kale, carrots, winter squash, tomatoes, white beans
Autumn Vegetable Soup Uses winter squash, carrots, kale, tomatoes
Turnip Potage Uses leeks, potatoes, turnips, parsley
Turnip recipes  A surprising number of tasty turnip recipes!
Pickled salad turnips  and Lemon pickled turnips  You can eat salad turnips raw, but they are nice pickled, too.
Diakon radish We’ve got a bumper crop of these lovely, mild radishes.
Gilfeather rutabaga casserole
Roasted Cauliflower Pretty sure this will turn you into a cauliflower fan if you’re not already!
Brussels sprouts  A dozen recipes for Brussels sprouts (sorry about sending you to a url with so many ads; the recipes are good)

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