Farmers go to school

We went on a field trip yesterday. Astrid, Ben, Liz, Megan and I brought veggies to the Beverly High School kitchen and watched as the lunch ladies peeled, sliced, diced, pureed and baked Moraine-grown Gilfeather feather turnips and storage kohlrabi. We didn’t just watch. We also sampled turnip fries. Delicious!

I think this is the Fries Recipe that was used. It’s written for kohlrabi, but turnips work just as well. (Yep, there will be Gilfeather turnips in the next Fall CSA share!)

Here are a few more recipes to go with the veggies you will be picking up this Friday:

Lots of good looking Leek Recipes on Simply Recipe. The one I’m itching to try is Parsnip Soup with Leek and Parsely.

Here are a dozen nice recipes for cabbage. Here’s a nice quick and easy cabbage salad from Mark Bittman.

Last, but not least, my favorite – Winter Squash Risotto with Radicchio. Beautiful and delicious.

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