Winter CSA

Snow on fields and barn

Snow on fields and barn

Join us for our first Winter CSA! Our root cellar is full of rooty goodness, the high tunnel full of spinach and the kale in our fields is the sweetest we’ve ever tasted. There are a dozen winter farm shares available, so if you’d like to get in on this new CSA from the start, sign up now: Winter CSA Subscription Form.

This Farm Share consists of two distributions of locally-grown produce. The first distribution is on Saturday, December 21 and the second on Saturday, January 11. Each distribution runs from noon to 3:00 PM. The share will include greens from our high tunnel (spinach), kale from our fields and potatoes, carrots, cabbage, kohlrabi, onions, beets, shallots, rutabaga, winter radishes, butternut squash. Sweet potatoes, courtesy of Picadilly Farm, will also be part of the Winter CSA farm share.

Just a reminder: The Community Supported Agriculture model is about more than good, local food, although it is definitely about that too! Our CSA invites us (farmers and eaters) into a novel partnership. Together, we share the risks and rewards of the growing season. There are a number of risks with a Winter CSA, most of them involve the weather: CSA distributions postponed due to snow and kale and other leafy greens succumbing to low temperatures are the primary risks. We have strategies to manage the risks, but no guarantee that Mother Nature will let us manage her as we wish!

The rewards of this unusual relationship? We become more deeply connected to and appreciative of the land and the food that sustain us.  The most ordinary vegetables can become extraordinary and precious when we know their story. Kale and carrots taste sweeter. The bright red core of watermelon radishes delights and cheers us through the dark days of winter. The stories of cabbage, rutabaga, kohlrabi and other “old-fashioned” vegetables are often wrapped up with memories of family, times past, home.

If you’re up for a New England agricultural adventure this year, join us. Sales of the Winter CSA shares end this Monday, December 16.

The winter share costs $100.  All shareholders are required to be current dues-paying members of The Trustees of Reservations. Become a member on-line at

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