Our first Winter CSA share distribution is today, noon – 3 PM.

Wear your rain boots as our parking lot will be muddy.

Liz and I harvested kale from under snow yesterday – it looks fantastic and tastes amazing! I’ve been on a raw kale salad kick for a month or so and am looking forward to some delicious salads. Also found a nice site, How to Make Better Kale Salad, with some nice dressing ideas.

If you take a look at the Better Kale Salad site you will see that they don’t have much love for curly kale, clearly preferring the Tuscano variety. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Tuscano can’t stand up to cold weather – our Tuscano kale gave up the ghost a month ago. Our curly kale, the variety is called winterbor, can thrive through late January! And it is delicious and tender, especially after it’s been through a frost or two (or it’s been covered with snow for a few days!).

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