Say Yes to Fresh Veggies!

Dear Shareholders and Friends of the Farm,

Winter Greetings!

I hope you are all shoveled out. Liz and I spent Thursday and Friday afternoons clearing snow from the three greenhouses at the farm. The snow was light and fluffy, pretty easy to coax off the roofs and plow away from the sides.

We’ve got news about the Moraine Farm 2014 CSA Shares. We experimented with a couple of new veggie distributions schemes last year. We offered a Spring farm share and an alternate week farm share. Both were successful: Those of you who served as guinea pigs gave the shares positive reviews and we farmers liked extending the growing season into May. The administrative aspects of these experiments proved most challenging, but I think we’ve found some good solutions. So, we’ve got some new things planned for 2014.

We are adding 5 more weeks of veggies to our regular, main season CSA share! Almost 6 months of vegetables! We expect weekly distributions to begin the week of May 12 and end the week of October 27. The size and value of each week’s pick up will remain the same. We will continue to offer a share that is just the right size for small households, families with limited time to cook, and those new to CSA who just want to try it out. The value of each week’s share will average out to $25; the full cost is $625 for this 25 week share.

PYO StrawberriesPick-your-own crops will still be part of the share. About 15% of the share value will be in pick-your-own crops like peas, beans, strawberries, cherry tomatoes, hot peppers, herbs, tomatillos and husk cherries. For those of you who don’t like to pick your own veggies, we plan to have some of the PYO crops available for purchase in our Farm Store.

This season we are offering Alternate Week CSA shares.  These shares are picked up every other week for 12 weeks, including the Pick Your Own. Share pick up day choices and hours are the same as the weekly share (Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Fridays, 2:00-7:00). Shareholders select a pick up schedule (either schedule A or schedule B, see below) and stick with it throughout the 12 share distributions. At this time we are not able to accommodate folks who want to switch between pick up schedules. Alternate Week farm shares cost $325.

Alternate Week Farm Share, Schedule A, weeks of May 19, June 2, June 16, June 30, July 14, July 28, August 11, August 25, Sept 8, Sept 22, Oct 6, Oct 20

Alternate Week Farm Share, Schedule B, weeks of: May 26, June 9, June 23, July 7, July 21, August 4, August 18, Sept 1, Sept 15, Sept 29, Oct 13, Oct 27

Vegetables for Fall and Winter CSA shares  Ideally, I would like to offer one ‘cold weather’ veggie share, November through February next season, with pick ups every other Saturday during daylight hours. We are thinking through our infrastructure and capacity here and we will keep you posted.

yes to freshCurrent year Moraine Farm shareholders have first dibs on 2014 shares until January 31. If you are a current shareholder, please sign up using this Moraine Farm 2014 Subscription Form and mail payment to the farm. Checks are appreciated, and if credit card works best for you, just email me and we will make arrangements. I’m happy to set up a payment plan for returning shareholders who are purchasing the weekly CSA share, just email me.

Not a current shareholder, but eager to sign up for a Moraine Farm share? Leave your name and email address on the waiting list and I will get in touch with in early February. If there are CSA shares available, you can sign up then.

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Pictures of you standing next to a big snow drift? Please send them to me! I’d love to hear from you.

Gretta (

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