Love Veggies? Farmland? Farmers?

Moraine Farm_Veggie Lover Farm SharePeople join CSA farms for many reasons. I like to ask our members why they signed up for a Moraine Farm share.  High quality, fresh vegetables are the number one reason folks give for signing up at Moraine. But there are other reasons, too. Read on.

“The veggies are so fresh they don’t know they’ve been picked!”

“It’s the deliciousness factor for me. The veggies are so tasty, so delicious. That stuff in the grocery store doesn’t come close.”

“We are enthusiastic supporters of The Trustees work to preserve open space. We both grew up on farms and we care deeply about protecting farmland, and we know that protecting farmland is high on The Trustees priority list. Being shareholders at Moraine Farm is just perfect for our family. We are supporting an organization we trust and whose mission is dear to our heart. In turn, we are supported by this beautiful farm – it nourishes us in so many ways – great vegetables, friendly farmers, really nice community of people and beautiful farmland that reminds us of home.”

Every time I drive by the crew working in the fields I think how happy I am to know my farmer and where my food comes from.

“Fun volunteer opportunities, lots of pick your own, DEFINITELY family friendly- my 3 year old practically runs the he loves the TRACTORS! our favorite thing (other than the tractors) is PYO pole beans, husk cherries and herbs!”

I had no clue about CSA’s until The Trustees of Reservations advertised their new program at Moraine Farm. And it’s only about a mile from where I live in Beverly. I’m only a family of one, and the share is abundant, but it’s all working out in ways I never expected. ….. Good produce is not my only benefit from Moraine. I’m volunteering on the farm a couple of days each week, for just a few hours each day, and this new experience is such a pleasure! I get to do work of value, and I’m meeting wonderful people.”

“Moraine Farm CSA is Beverly’s hidden agricultural gem. Tucked between wild wetlands and forested glacial moraines, Moraine Farm offers delicious local produce in a beautiful location. Gretta and Liz are friendly, conscientious farmers who care deeply about their methods and the people who benefit from their hard work.”



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