Life and death on the farm

killdeer eggs and chick 2This is picture of a killdeer nest with three eggs and one chick in it. Click on the picture to make it bigger and then stare at it for a moment, you’ll see them. It was taken on Friday. By Saturday, all of the eggs had hatched and I saw 4 little killdeer chicks running around the field with a very protective parent squawking nearby. I found this video of just hatched killdeer chicks on youtube – forward to minute 19 to see some action. So cute.

liz on cub with dead batteryHere’s Farmer Elizabeth on one of our Farmall Cubs, the one with a dead battery. I’m towing it with our Kubota tractor back to the red barn. The battery is now charged and our Cub is once again ready to kill some weeds:-).


root maggot in shallotsSigh. Here are some dead shallots:-(  If you look closely you can see the onion root maggot that’s feasting on the roots. The little stick is pointing to it. Momma fly lays her eggs at the base of the onion so the larvae are near their favorite food source. Looks like we’ve lost a few shallots and onions, though not all of them! There are not good organic controls for this pest. We deal with them by planting 15% more shallots, onions than we need. Garlic and leeks, neither of which the root maggot likes, look fantastic!

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