What’s in the share this week?

I just posted the veggies we intend for the farm share this week over on the What’s in the Share page of this farm blog, along with a few recipes.

This week we begin distributing the Valley View Cheese Share. Next week, Appleton Farms Milk shares start. Shareholders still have time to sign up for Cider Hill Fruit shares, wild Maine blueberry shares and garlic shares from new farmer Aysim Dalmau, Moon’s River Farm. Head over to the Extras! page of the blog for more details.

Local foods in the Farm Store this week:

  • Chevre and Feta from Valley View Farm
  • Head lettuce from Moraine Farm
  • Kale from Moraine Farm
  • Honey from Touchstone Farm and Tomten Beesworks
  • Honey sticks
  • Dried Beans from Baer’s Best Beans

Next week look for Appleton Farms yogurt in the Farm Store!

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