What Laurie Built

Herb drying rack built by volunteer Laurie P.

Herb drying rack built by volunteer Laurie P.

Volunteers, like Laurie P, are involved in all kinds of projects at Moraine Farm. Here’s a photo of her latest: A rack for drying herbs. Thank you Laurie!

Seeding in the greenhouse, moving rocks, mowing, fixing fences and gates, keeping our hoes and knives sharp, taking photos, helping with our book keeping, weeding the popcorn, fixing tractors, building tables, clearing brush, running errands, answering the office phone — the list goes on and on!

Volunteering at your local farm can be incredibly satisfying. It can deepen your connection to the land that feeds you, introduce you to a wonderful community of people, provide you with a meaningful way to contribute to the greater good.

Volunteer work on a farm can also be life changing. Twelve years ago this summer, I began volunteering at a local farm one day a week. One of the best things I’ve ever done! I don’t promise that you will become a farmer if you volunteer at Moraine Farm, but I do sincerely believe that you, and the farm, will be richer for the experience.

Check out current volunteer opportunities helping with our Fall Festival on this blog post. We are still looking for Property Stewardship volunteers –  6-12 hardy souls to help maintain the perimeter of our lovely farm. We have wild grape vines, multiflora rose and many other invasive plants slowly taking over and we would like begin to cut them back.  If so you are interested in being a Property Stewardship volunteer, email me at ganderson@ttor.org.

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