Just another week at the farm

Holy Cow! We had a busy and productive week at Moraine Farm last week. I just sent our farm crew an email listing of some of the major projects we tackled, and, well – wow! I thought some of you might be interested in how we spent on time. I’ve copied the email below.

What a productive week! Look at we did!

Veggie Care
Onions harvested, laid out in the greenhouse to cure; field disked

Watermelon harvested (over 1000 melons), distributed or stored in bulk bins for next week’s CSA; field disked.

Sweet Corn lookin' sweet

Sweet Corn lookin’ sweet

Sweet corn, last planting, harvested and distributed; 320 ears on Tuesday, 1000 ears on Wednesday. [we ready to flail mow stalks, disk and cover crop; I need to consult with a corn grower re: raccoons, we lost a lot of corn to these critters!]

Bolero carrots, five 200 foot beds (3000 row feet!) were hand weeded in-row

Leafy greens and winter beets hoed and irrigated

Zucchini and cucumbers, last plantings, hoed and mulched

CAGED tomatoes

CAGED tomatoes

Tomatoes, from our first disease-resistant, determinate planting, were harvested for the second week. Stem lesions looking suspiciously like late blight were spotted in this planting. Heirloom tomatoes are looking healthy, if a bit blue (from the protective organic fungicide we have been applying). The cool temperatures have dramatically slowed ripening.

Fall crops – lettuces, salad mix, broccoli raab, winter radishes, purple top turnips, arugula — were transplanted or seeded.

Our equipment was busy this week
Thursday morning found all three farm apprentices, Henry, Hadley and Tim, on tractors. They were expertly taking out weeds, incorporating organic matter into the soil, mowing. 4 ½ months ago these guys were introduced to our fleet of farm equipment and had their first introduction to tractors!

Disk harrow saw a lot of action: Merri, Moraine, Wareham 4, Raspberries, Iowa, Denali and K2 fields. An important bolt on the disk harrow broke and was replaced in short order with the help of a neighboring farmer.

Cub tractor, Rusty, also got a workout, and was used on most of our fall crops: broccoli, cabbage, lettuces, kales, Swiss chard, fennel, edamame, new plantings of herbs and carrots.

Williams Tool System was used to cultivate many tire tracks, clearing these “paths” of weeds, in the potato field and elsewhere. New clamps and hilling disks arrived that will allow us to hill potatoes when the vines are too tall for the little Cub tractor.

Volunteers and friends supported the work of the farm last week in a number of ways
Dave affixed a ladder to the flatbed of our farm truck – now we can climb up on it with less risk of injury

Dave also continued building some planter stands that we will fill with flowers and herbs and set outside the barn to make it look prettier.

Paula seeded, took pictures, submitted pictures to TTOR’s instagram account, brought homemade snacks to farm crew (warm blueberry cake!!!)

Laurie continued to work on data collection and date entry projects: recording volunteer hours and farm expenses and income. She signed up for more carpentry projects and will begin to build a few more tables for the greenhouse.

Laurie also brought the farm crew ice cream – a special treat for one of our mid-day breaks

Nancy jumped into weeding projects, laid out onions and helped taste test watermelon 🙂

Nancy, Lisa, Sarah O laid out onions to cure in the greenhouse as fast as we could harvest them!

Bill picked up fruit shares from Cider Hill Farm in Amesbury and filled our fuel cans and farm truck with fuel.

Farm Staff
This was our first full week without the Sarah V, our first high school intern. She’s off to college to study sustainable agriculture.

Good work, everyone! Hope you all have a restful weekend!


P.S. I’ll send the list of next week’s work on Sunday night!



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