Collards are the new Kale

I saw this on a poster in a Whole Foods store last year. “Okay,” I said to myself “collards it is.” We’ve planted a few of these hardy, nutritious greens for the farm share this year. I cooked up a bunch of them for my family this weekend: Tough stems removed, sauteed in bacon fat, a half pound of polish sausage added; they were delicious. Served over brown rice and garnished with a mix of yellow and red tomatoes – this was dinner last night.

You can boil them, as in this recipe: Sauteed Collard Greens.

Sautee them in bacon fat or olive oil: Collard Greens Miniera

Boil them, then bake them: Collard Green Gratin

In my household, collards are indeed the new kale. Give them a try, you might like them! (Our best guess for this week’s farm share is over on What’s in the Share?)

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