Thank you for a great Summer Season!

This is the last week of the Moraine Farm CSA’s summer farm share. It’s been an interesting growing season. The weather – a chilly spring, followed by a cool summer and ending with a warm fall – kept us on our toes and challenged us.

  • Danger of late blight had us (Liz mostly) wearing a 50 lb back pack sprayer to apply organic copper on our tomatoes. It was difficult, heavy work that saved our tomato crop.
  • The need to warm up our crops in the cold spring found us covering our chard and beets with row cover later than usual with the unintended consequence of speeding the growth of grassy weeds. We lost two plantings of beets and one of chard to weeds this season. These were particularly hard loss for us – we love beets and chard is my favorite veggie. These losses were particularly hard to stomach because we pride ourselves on having excellent weed management practices at Moraine. (I hear my mother’s voice saying, “pride goes before a fall”).

On the bright side:

  • We had our best tasting and most bountiful strawberry crop ever! The beans, cherry tomatoes and hot peppers weren’t bad either!
  • We grew bumper crops of sweet potatoes, potatoes, winter squash and carrots.
  • We discovered a new lettuce mix (called Salanova from Johnny’s) that grows well in our sandy soils and tastes and looks fantastic.
  • We offered a new 25-week CSA share (almost 6 months of veggies!!!) and a new ½ share – both were well-received.
  • We  worked with a really fantastic crew of young farmers – Tim Hines, Hadley Piper, and Henry Mauck, and interns Sarah Visnick and Eli Ross. We all learned a lot, laughed more and grew a lot of really super food.
  • Our shopkeepers, harvest worksharers and volunteers have been awesome this season.
  • Our shareholders, partners in this farming endeavor, have been terrific! Words of support and appreciation, and love of Moraine veggies and this beautiful landscape beautiful  mean so much to us. Thank you!

What’s next? We’ve not yet made plans for 2015, but I will be in touch once we have. As always, current year shareholders will have first dibs on next year’s shares.

We still have Fall Shares available, all four pick ups or fewer, whatever works for you. Information about the Fall share is on the farm blog. You can sign up here.

Our Food Access fundraising is going well, and later this week we will draw names to see which donors win prizes – TTOR swag including totes, umbrellas, lunch boxes. It’s not too late to donate to our work. This year we will grow, harvest and donate over $12,000 of organically-grown vegetables for Beverly Bootstraps and Cape Ann Food Pantry. Your donations help us pay for the seeds, supplies and labor needed to make these donations.

Thanks again for an excellent season!


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