I resigned my position as Farm Manager at Moraine Farm in early January. My last day at the farm will be February 19. My mother is quite ill and needs more care than I can provide while managing a farm. When time permits, I hope to volunteer in the fields of farmer friends and continue to support this region’s Farmer Training program.

I find this leave-taking to be more difficult than I could have imagined. It seems I’ve become rooted in these fields and in this farm community. I feel like a leek or celeriac at harvest – every root fiber holding on, resisting the loss of place. I think this ending will be difficult for some of you, also. I am sorry for this. It is a bittersweet comfort for me to reminisce about the past four years at Moraine. I’ve just posted a slideshow of four years of CSA farm pictures on the Moraine Farm blog. Feel free to post your own farm pictures or memories in the comment section.

Community Supported Agriculture is about more than vegetables. It is about a partnership of trust between shareholders and farmer. For the last four years you have trusted me to grow a mix of healthy vegetables to feed you and your families. You’ve counted on me to treat the earth well and to make the farm a welcoming place. I have depended on your partnership: Your upfront payment for promised crops, your appreciation of a job well done, your camaraderie as I’ve worried about pests, disease and critters, your kindness to new apprentices, your delight at bountiful harvests and your tolerance of lost crops. It has always been especially wonderful to be cheered on during challenging weather – seemingly endless rain, freezing temps, droughts, and heat waves. Thank you!

Your partnership has been deeply appreciated.


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