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Thank you for a great Summer Season!

This is the last week of the Moraine Farm CSA’s summer farm share. It’s been an interesting growing season. The weather – a chilly spring, followed by a cool summer and ending with a warm fall – kept us on … Continue reading

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New Farmer

Sarah Visnick joined us last fall as a high school intern. Energetic, curious, smart, fun and always up for a challenge, Sarah worked with Liz and through the fall, winter and spring. After she graduated from Rockport High School this … Continue reading

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Tim’s Flowers

Apprentice Tim Hines is growing flowers in the little garden behind the old brick greenhouse at Moraine Farm. Tim is interested in small scale growing – urban farms, rooftop gardens, school gardens and the like. Tim’s apprenticeship goals include learning … Continue reading

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New Farmers

We don’t talk much about the farmer training program at Moraine, but it is a large part of what we do here. We have an excellent training program, if I do say so myself. Starting this week and continuing through … Continue reading

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Shelter from the Storm

We experienced an unusual pause in our work day yesterday. A tornado warning had us looking for shelter. We found it in the basement of the big Red Barn. Kind of fun to explore this part of the Red Barn. … Continue reading

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Veggies Don’t Take Holidays!

And neither do your farmers! We will be at the farm all week, including the 4th of July, harvesting and distributing farm shares. We’ve got picnic tables and Corn Hole platforms and bags (thanks to volunteer Laurie P!) set up in … Continue reading

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Hunting and Squishing CPB

We’re growing about an acre of potatoes. Colorado Potato Beetle is a serious pest, the larvae can easily defoliate a field if left unchecked. We’ll spend time each day the next few weeks scouting the potato field for the adult … Continue reading

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Moraine Farm: May

We’ve been busy the last few weeks at the farm: Harvesting, planting, cultivating, mulching, pulling row cover over tender crops when frost threatens, pulling it off when the temps just to 70, watching the family of Canadian geese grow up, … Continue reading

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May Harvests at Moraine

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Tractor Talk

Much thanks to Charley Wolcott from Appleton Farms for bringing his tractor and harrow to Moraine yesterday. Our harrow is out of commission, so Charley generously spent the day disking our fields. Thanks Charley!

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