Fall Farm Share pick up, Dec 5 & 6

The third installment of the Fall Farm Share will be distributed tomorrow and Saturday. Please come on whichever days works best for you, anytime between noon and 3.  Remember to bring a box and/or some bags for your veggies.

Here’s what we have in store for you:

Lettuce, this is the last of our lettuce, a variety called Pomegranate Crunch.

Spinach, this is the last of our field spinach.  We’ve a nice planting of spinach in the high tunnel for the last share in mid-December.

Kale, sweet, sweet, sweet because it’s been through a number of frosts.

Cabbage – Here’s a simple Colcannon recipe from IrishCentral.com. Really delicious!

Onions, these are white storage onions

Potatoes, this variety is called Gold Rush

Rutabagas, this Roasted Rutabaga with Sage and Dates sounds tasty



Celery root (celeriac)

Diakon radish – try roasting it, or eat it raw

Dried herbs (sage or thyme)

If you’ve ordered bulk onions, potatoes and/or carrots, we will have them ready for you. Please bring your payment (onions, 35 lbs @ $52.50; potatoes, 10 lbs @ $10; carrots, 10 lbs @ $15).

See you tomorrow!

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The Brussels sprout harvest is always fun. Volunteer Paula V captured this year’s Brussels harvest with photos! Liz, Sarah and Kat are harvesting.



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Fall Share, 2nd Installment

The second installment of our Fall Farm Share is this coming Friday and Saturday, November 21 and 22, Noon-3. We’ve planned a nice pre-Thanksgiving distribution. Let’s see if Mother Nature accommodates our plans.

Looks like the predicted overnight temperatures, coupled with low daytime temperatures, could make it difficult to harvest some of the veggies. Spinach, lettuce, kale, and leeks can freeze in the fields and thaw without damage when temperatures rise. In fact, the flavor of some of these veggies is greatly improved with frost. However, the veggies must thaw before we harvest them or they will turn to mush. So, we’ll see what Mother Nature allows.

The first ten items on the share list below were harvested before the temps got so chilly, and we’ve been storing them for you.

Green Cabbage, 2 small heads
Garlic. 3/4 pound (pre-bagged)
Red Onions, 3 pounds (pre-bagged)
Winter Radishes, 1.5 pounds Diakon and/or Watermelon varieties
Kohlrabi, the storage variety that weighs 3-5 pounds!
Greek-style Kohlrabi Pie or Gratin,
Grated Carrot, Kohlrabi and Radish Salad,
Kohlrabi Fritters
Sweet Potatoes. 8 pounds (pre-bagged). This is the last of the sweet potatoes in the fall share.
Fiery Sweet Potatoes
Maple Pecan Sweet Potatoes
Sweet Potato Souffle
Potatoes, a variety called Gold Rush, 3 pounds (pre-bagged)
Carrots, 3 pounds (pre-bagged)
Celeriac, 1 piece. lots of recipe ideas here.
Butternut Squash,6-7 squash. This is the last of butternut in the fall share.

Recipes? I highly recommend the New York Times recipe site. There are so many excellent looking recipes to choose from – cooking.nytimes.com. I’ve linked to a few them in the list above, but I really encourage you to explore the site.

See you Friday or Saturday!

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Photos from 1st Fall Farm Share harvest

This gallery contains 7 photos.

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Fall Farm Share FAQs

When can I come to the farm and pick up my Fall farm share?
We’ve expanded the pick up days to accommodate requests for Friday distributions.

Please come to the farm to pick up your share between Noon and 3:00 on:
Friday or Saturday, Nov 7 or Nov 8
Friday or Saturday, Nov 21 or Nov 22
Friday or Saturday, Dec 5 or Dec 6
Friday or Saturday, Dec 19 or Dec 20
(unless you purchased a partial share, in which case, just come to the farm on your pick up days)

Do I need to tell you which day – Friday or Saturday – I’m going to pick up my Fall farm share? Nope, just show up between noon and 3 on the day that works best for you.

Do I need to bring my own bags to pick up my Fall farm share? Yes, and I also recommend you bring a box if you’ve got one handy. The Fall Share contains at least twice as many veggies as you got in each summer pick up. It’s a lot of veggies and some folks find a box, in addition to bags, very useful.

5707_ButternutWhat’s in the first Fall farm share? Butternut squash, Brussels sprouts, potatoes, leeks, carrots, beets, napa cabbage, radicchio, sweet potatoes, spinach, and lettuce. There will also be a three pound root choice (fennel, purple top turnips, celeriac, potatoes, onions) and a cooking greens choice (red Russian kale, collard greens, broccoli raab and Happy Rich, a new-to-us Asian green)

OMG what am I supposed to do with all these vegetables!?! Don’t panic, stay calm! Some of your veggies will store quite well for a few weeks, even a few months in some cases. Butternut squash, potatoes, sweet potatoes and celeriac have been known to last until March in my house. Other veggies, like lettuce, cooking greens, spinach and radicchio should be eaten or preserved within a few days. For example, you could make a spinach quiche or a vegetable soup with collard greens, and freeze them for later use. Here’s some handy information about how best to store your veggies – Storing Fresh Veggies.

Here’s what I’m doing with some of the veggies in my first Fall farm share:
Butternut – I roast and then pack my butternut into tupperware and freeze it. It would also do well in my pantry.
Brussel sprouts – I love this Mark Bittman recipe for Brussel sprouts, bacon and figs
Root roast: I toss a few roots in olive oil (carrots, leeks, sweet potato, celeriac, small beets, along with some fennel; all but the beets chopped into 1 inch pieces). Then sprinkle with salt and pepper, and roast in the oven at 350 until tender. This root roast, along with a roasted chicken and a side of braised kale is a Sunday meal in my home, leftovers feeding us throughout the week.
Potatoes and Leeks become Potato Leek soup, with any remaining potatoes served up for breakfast as hash browns.
Sweet potatoes = latkes in my home, although I’m toying with the idea of making a sweet potato pie to serve as dessert with the root roast, chicken, and kale dinner I’m planning for Sunday.
Beets will be roasted and served with plain chevre cheese (yum!).
Carrots and celeriac will be grated into lettuce salads and/or made into carrot celery root soup.
Fall radicchio, with its beautiful red and white color and bitter flavor, always gets cooked up in a butternut squash and radicchio risotto. It’s a beautiful and very tasty dish.
I’m a big fan of sauerkraut, so I’ll be fermenting my napa cabbage.

What if I miss a farm share pick up? Can I get my veggies the next week? We farmers work a bit less in the cold months, and it’s unlikely we will be at the farm much in the weeks between fall share pick ups. If you miss a pick up, please call me as soon as you are able. I will try to figure out a way to unite you with your veggies!

Do you ever cancel a Fall share pick up because of bad weather? I will cancel the share pick up if snow or ice makes working or driving conditions dangerous. Check your email and the farm blog for cancellation announcements. Any cancelled pick ups will be rescheduled.

Are there still Fall farm shares available? Yes indeed. If you’ve friends, neighbors, co-workers who might be interested in a Fall farm share, have them contact me.

Holler if you’ve got any questions. Shoot me an email with your favorite fall veg recipes!

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Thank you for a great Summer Season!

This is the last week of the Moraine Farm CSA’s summer farm share. It’s been an interesting growing season. The weather – a chilly spring, followed by a cool summer and ending with a warm fall – kept us on our toes and challenged us.

  • Danger of late blight had us (Liz mostly) wearing a 50 lb back pack sprayer to apply organic copper on our tomatoes. It was difficult, heavy work that saved our tomato crop.
  • The need to warm up our crops in the cold spring found us covering our chard and beets with row cover later than usual with the unintended consequence of speeding the growth of grassy weeds. We lost two plantings of beets and one of chard to weeds this season. These were particularly hard loss for us – we love beets and chard is my favorite veggie. These losses were particularly hard to stomach because we pride ourselves on having excellent weed management practices at Moraine. (I hear my mother’s voice saying, “pride goes before a fall”).

On the bright side:

  • We had our best tasting and most bountiful strawberry crop ever! The beans, cherry tomatoes and hot peppers weren’t bad either!
  • We grew bumper crops of sweet potatoes, potatoes, winter squash and carrots.
  • We discovered a new lettuce mix (called Salanova from Johnny’s) that grows well in our sandy soils and tastes and looks fantastic.
  • We offered a new 25-week CSA share (almost 6 months of veggies!!!) and a new ½ share – both were well-received.
  • We  worked with a really fantastic crew of young farmers – Tim Hines, Hadley Piper, and Henry Mauck, and interns Sarah Visnick and Eli Ross. We all learned a lot, laughed more and grew a lot of really super food.
  • Our shopkeepers, harvest worksharers and volunteers have been awesome this season.
  • Our shareholders, partners in this farming endeavor, have been terrific! Words of support and appreciation, and love of Moraine veggies and this beautiful landscape beautiful  mean so much to us. Thank you!

What’s next? We’ve not yet made plans for 2015, but I will be in touch once we have. As always, current year shareholders will have first dibs on next year’s shares.

We still have Fall Shares available, all four pick ups or fewer, whatever works for you. Information about the Fall share is on the farm blog. You can sign up here.

Our Food Access fundraising is going well, and later this week we will draw names to see which donors win prizes – TTOR swag including totes, umbrellas, lunch boxes. It’s not too late to donate to our work. This year we will grow, harvest and donate over $12,000 of organically-grown vegetables for Beverly Bootstraps and Cape Ann Food Pantry. Your donations help us pay for the seeds, supplies and labor needed to make these donations.

Thanks again for an excellent season!


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Cold Weather Veggies

Winter at Moraine Farm

Winter at Moraine Farm

Don’t let winter catch you by surprise and leave you hungry! Our Fall Farm Share consists of four, every-other-week distributions of cool-season vegetables. The cost is $250 and distributions are on Saturdays, noon to 3:00 on Nov 8 & 22, Dec 6 & 20. Friday afternoon pick ups are also available. More information and sign up form: Moraine Farm Fall Share.

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What’s In The Share?

I just posted the share over on the What’s in the Share blog page. This week we will be distributing sweet potatoes! They are not quite ready to eat yet as they need a bit more heat to sweeten up. It’s been too cloudy for our greenhouse to get warm enough for them, so we are sending them home with you. Place your sweet potatoes in a pantry, a cupboard or on your kitchen counter for a couple of weeks. They’ll be ready to eat in a couple of weeks.

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More Fall Festival Photos

Nice festival pictures  in the Beverly Citizen.

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2014 Moraine Farm Festival

Saturday was a great Fall Festival day: 80 degree weather, blue sky and lots of fun things happening at the farm. Here are pictures of Moraine Farm’s 4th Annual Fall Festival. Enjoy!

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