Bake Sale Fundraiser

Baked goodies, all with an ample helping of Moraine Farm veggies, will be available for our visitors to purchase during the Fall Festival. Proceeds from the bake sale will support our Food Access work – the thousands of pounds of veggies we grow and donate to Beverly Bootstraps and Cape Ann Food Pantry.

Cookies, bars, sweet breads, muffins, pastries, baked goods – sweet or savory – we are looking for volunteers who would like to help bake and/or staff the bake sale tent at the Festival. Interested? Just shoot me an email for more information.

Everyone loves a bake sale, especially when farm-fresh veggies are tucked into the baked goodies!



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New Farmer

Sarah Visnick joined us last fall as a high school intern. Energetic, curious, smart, fun and always up for a challenge, Sarah worked with Liz and through the fall, winter and spring. After she graduated from Rockport High School this spring she joined our farm crew. You can see from the photos below that we really put Sarah to work!  Last week was her last at the farm – she’s headed to UMass to study sustainable agriculture. Good luck Sarah!

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Lend a Hand: Onions, Farm Festival, Feedback

You will find this week’s share, along with some new recipes, over on What’s in the Share?

onions curing in greenhouse, 2011

onions curing in greenhouse, 2011

We are looking for a couple of volunteers to help with the onion harvest on Wednesday afternoon. The farm crew will harvest the onions and bring them into the greenhouse for curing. The harvested onions need to be laid out on the benches in the greenhouse. If you can help, let me know and plan to come by the greenhouse at 2:00.

I am still looking for folks to help with the 4th Annual Moraine Farm Fall Festival on Saturday, September 27. If you can help the day of (greet visitors, direct traffic, staff a our farmstand) or a few days before (a bit of housekeeping in the red barn, tidying up around the farm) please contact me.

We’d love to hear your feedback about how your farm share experience has been so far. If you are a Moraine Farm CSA shareholder this season, please take a few minutes and complete our on-line mid-season survey. Thanks!


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Call for Art for Moraine Farm Fall Festival!

On Saturday, September 27, 10:00-3:00, join the partners of Beverly’s historic Moraine Farm for a campus-wide, family-friendly festival. Come to play! A day-long line up of free tours, live music, hay rides, cooperative games, a marionette puppet show, craft activities, home-made goodies, a bake sale and a Farmers Market offers something for everyone. Activities provided will showcase the non-profit partners that share and preserve this beautiful working landscape: Friends of the Olmsted Landscape, The Trustees of Reservations CSA Farm, Waldorf School at Moraine Farm, Project Adventure, and Essex County Greenbelt. Bring a picnic, explore the grounds, and enjoy all that Moraine Farm has to offer.

We are trying something new this year – an Art Show! We would like to show the fine art of our shareholders and farm staff in our big beautiful red barn. The art accepted will be displayed in the barn on the day of the farm festival. For more information, including the submission form, visit Call For Art!   The deadline for submissions is August 24. Many thanks to Danielle Dugan, our Tuesday shopkeeper, for this great idea and for donating her time to pull this together!

We will have a Children’s Art Show the week before our Farm Festival. Children are invited to submit one piece of work and use any medium on paper, preferably 8.5″ x 11″ in size. Please drop this off in the CSA barn with a shopkeeper during the week of September 10th. Children’s art will be installed the week before the farm festival for everyone to enjoy.

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What’s in the Share?

The forecast for farm share contents are over on What’s in the Share? The first of our sweet corn is being harvested. Looks like we’ve shared so much of it with the raccoons and skunks and woodchucks that not everyone will get a taste from this first planting. Never fear! We have another planting out back. Waaaaay out back, far away from the critters currently dining on our precious corn. It should be ready in the next few weeks and we will pick it for the CSA days that haven’t yet received any corn.

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Tim’s Flowers

tim in his garden Aug 2014Apprentice Tim Hines is growing flowers in the little garden behind the old brick greenhouse at Moraine Farm.

Tim is interested in small scale growing – urban farms, rooftop gardens, school gardens and the like. Tim’s apprenticeship goals include learning about growing flowers and veggies in small spaces.  In the spring, he volunteered for this flower garden project. It’s been a lot of work on his own time: Reclaiming the flower garden from the weeds, planning and executing a garden plan, dealing with flower-hunger woodchucks, and now, harvesting the flowers for sale in the Farm Shop.

The project will wrap up in October when Tim does a formal analysis of the economic feasibility of growing flowers for our CSA. He has been tracking his costs – seeds, soil mix and labor, and now he begins to track his income. Tim’s work on the garden has taken place outside of his paid apprenticeship. He’s very much looking forward to your purchases!

Tim’s flowers will be on sale in the Farm Shop during farm share pick up days until first frost.

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Moraine Farm: Coming Attractions


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Garlic Harvest

We finished the garlic harvest two weeks ago and now all the garlic is hanging in our greenhouse to dry. We will clip the heads of garlic later, probably in October or November when work in the fields has slowed down. Right now we grow garlic mostly for seed — we are trying to build up to enough garlic seed to plant a 1/2 acre of garlic for our CSA and other markets each year.

Some photos of the harvest, courtesy Paula V!

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What Laurie Built

Herb drying rack built by volunteer Laurie P.

Herb drying rack built by volunteer Laurie P.

Volunteers, like Laurie P, are involved in all kinds of projects at Moraine Farm. Here’s a photo of her latest: A rack for drying herbs. Thank you Laurie!

Seeding in the greenhouse, moving rocks, mowing, fixing fences and gates, keeping our hoes and knives sharp, taking photos, helping with our book keeping, weeding the popcorn, fixing tractors, building tables, clearing brush, running errands, answering the office phone — the list goes on and on!

Volunteering at your local farm can be incredibly satisfying. It can deepen your connection to the land that feeds you, introduce you to a wonderful community of people, provide you with a meaningful way to contribute to the greater good.

Volunteer work on a farm can also be life changing. Twelve years ago this summer, I began volunteering at a local farm one day a week. One of the best things I’ve ever done! I don’t promise that you will become a farmer if you volunteer at Moraine Farm, but I do sincerely believe that you, and the farm, will be richer for the experience.

Check out current volunteer opportunities helping with our Fall Festival on this blog post. We are still looking for Property Stewardship volunteers –  6-12 hardy souls to help maintain the perimeter of our lovely farm. We have wild grape vines, multiflora rose and many other invasive plants slowly taking over and we would like begin to cut them back.  If so you are interested in being a Property Stewardship volunteer, email me at

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New Farmers

Hadley harvesting

Hadley harvesting

We don’t talk much about the farmer training program at Moraine, but it is a large part of what we do here. We have an excellent training program, if I do say so myself. Starting this week and continuing through the rest of the season,  apprentice Hadley Piper will be managing our harvests. This is a big step in Hadley’s farmer education and we are excited for and confident in her!

Give Hadley a shout out if you are happy with the harvest!


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