Farm Shares at Moraine Farm

Weekly farm shares are still available – almost 6 months of farm-fresh veggies from Moraine Farm! Follow these links for details about the farm shares and to sign up for 2014. We start in May and supply you with farm fresh veggies through the end of October!

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From Greenhouse Bench to Farm Field

Snow lingered on the farm fields this spring, giving us a late start in the fields. It finally melted away the first week in April, leaving the soil too wet to work until last week. Our plan had been to begin planting the last week in March: Our seedlings have been begging to be released from the confines of the greenhouse for two weeks!

Before we plant into the open farm fields, we give our seedlings a few days to toughen up. Seedlings spend their first 4-6 weeks inside the greenhouse, protected from extreme temperatures, direct sunlight and strong winds. Farmers wait on these seedlings hand and foot, tending to their water, nutrient and temperature needs, inspecting them frequent, and yes, even cooing over them:-). To get the seedlings ready for the harsher world of the farm field, we move them outside onto hardening off benches where they get a full dose of wind and sun for 3-5 days.

When the seedlings are toughened up, we load them onto the transplanter and head to the field to plant them into the soil. Last week we transplanted over 10,000 seedlings. And we’re just getting started!

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Wildlife at Moraine Farm

8964_Great Blue Heron fly-byThis is a Great Blue Heron that shareholder Paula V captured on film last week.

Last week we spied a coyote stalking Canadian geese, a small herd of young deer enjoying our cover crop and many hawks (red tail and Cooper’s) soaring over the fields. More to come, I’m sure!

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First Week

Cub Push in April 2014Hadley, Henry and Tim, our 2014 Moraine Farm apprentices, began on Monday, April 7. They’ve potted up celeriac and celery, moved our broken cultivating tractor, begun to review our crop plans and heard lots of information about The Trustees and the farm.

This morning we will be planting beets in the field, and the rest of the week will likely be spent on the transplanter. Spinach, lettuce, bok choy, kohlrabi, more spinach, leeks, onions, onions and more onions, peas, carrots, dill, cilantro, salad turnips, salad mix are all slated for field planting in the next week. (Take a peek at our planting plans if you’re curious about what we’ve got planned.) In the Greenhouse April 2014


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It’s here! Spring! Hooray!

Can it be? Has spring arrived? The snow in the fields is gone, replaced by temporary ponds, growing weeds and winter-killed cover crops. Paula V., our greenhouse maven & farm photographer, is back at work in the sunny greenhouse, seeding another round of spinach. Beet, lettuce, scallion, kohlrabi and bok choy transplants are ready for planting. Celery and celeriac are ready to be potted-up. The first round of tomatoes will be seeded this weekend. The evidence is strong: Spring has arrived at Moraine Farm!

We have some fun things lined up for you in April. Grab your calendar! Find your rain boots!

April 5, Sat. 9:00-11:30, 1st Saturday Volunteer Morning. Sign up here – FSVM.

April 19, Sat. 11:00-Noon, CSA Member Orientation. Meet me in the farm parking lot at 11:00.

April 19, Sat 12:30-1:30, Q&A with Moraine Farmers. Free! Open to the public! More info & to register – Q&A.

April 26, Sat. 11:00-Noon, CSA Member Orientation. Meet your farmers in the farm parking lot at 11:00.

April 27, Sun. 1:00-2:30, Geology Walk at Moraine Farm. James Matz, geologist and member of Beverly’s Planning Board, will lead a farm walk and discuss the geology of Moraine Farm. Free! Open to the public! More info & to register – Geology at Moraine Farm.

See you at the farm!

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greenhouse goodies

Seedling babies! Mustard greens (left) & mizuna (right).

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greenhouse goodies, cont’d

red romaine lettuce seedlings

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kohlrabi seedlings

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Come and get dirty with us!

Looking for something fun to do this Thursday afternoon? Itching to get your hands dirty? Join Farmers Liz & Gretta in the Moraine Farm greenhouse to plant the next round of lettuce, spinach, kale and the first of our napa cabbage and broccoli raab.  We’ve about 100 trays of seeds to plant and would love some help!

Transplanting seedlings in April 2011 (That's Amy driving and Rebekah planting!)

Transplanting seedlings in April 2011 (That’s Amy driving and Rebekah planting!)e plant this Thursday will be ready for transplanting in a month. (Let’s hope the snow is gone by then!)

We’ll start at 1:30 in the big greenhouse and work until 4:30. If you want to join us this Thursday, it’s really helpful to have you sign up so we can set up enough work to keep you happy and busy.  We’ve room for another 6 volunteers. The seeds will be small, so bring your reading glasses!

This Thursday doesn’t work for you? No worries, we will be seeding again on Saturday, April 5, 9:00-11:30. In fact, we offer some kind of volunteer work the First Saturday morning of each month at Moraine. Let us know you’re coming by signing up here: April 5, 1st Saturday Morning Volunteers. We will have some larger seeds to plant on April 5 — beets! — young fingers can usually manage these with adult support, so sign the kids up too!

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Ready, Set …..

Not quite ready for “Go”, but soon.

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